Thursday, November 10, 2011

Street Style

Today my oldest daughter (who is 11) and I went downtown to have a little girl time. And what a perfect day it was to do it! They were having a Street Style competition, four designers had four hours to make a dress they designed from scratch. After the four hours were over they walked the runway, and the judges revealed the winner. I can't began to tell you how much fun this was for my daughter and I, as we both love fashion and design!

This one above was my daughters Favorite made by Melissa May

This one was my FAV, its a giant bow! Love it!
made by Heidi Busk

This one is beautiful, but would have been a nice if she was wearing a top! 
Made by, Rachel Marie Hurst.
Did not care for this one at all, it totally looks like it was thrown together in 4 hours! 
Made by, Tricia Hoke

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